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Marius Plamondon


Born in Quebec City, Canada, he studied sculpture in Italy and stained glass arts in France and he was professor and director of the school of Fine Arts of Quebec. He is credited for his contribution to the renewal of stained glass and sculpture in Quebec.

His stained glass windows with fluid lines and minimalist patterns stand out from traditional stained glass and they bring a welcome diversification of the usual conservatism of religious art. Plamondon gave the priority to the glass in his works using transparent and colored glass. On a sunny day, the show takes place simultaneously on the gray stone floor of the Oratory St-Joseph ! His windows depict scenes from the history of Quebec.

Another remarkable achievement is in the Home of the Jesuits of Saint-Jerome. Plamondon has crafted 10 windows with the theme "The liturgy of the Easter Season". Six of those windows, of large size and covering one wall of the chapel, show a continuous pattern where warm colours express some sentiments of joy. Built in 1959, the huge six-story complex with 192 rooms, 4 chapels, a gymnasium and an auditorium is now closed.

Marius Plamondon was active until his death in 1976. A street bears his name in Quebec City. His wife, Muriel Hall, was a soprano who led a successful career in radio (CBC) and concerts during the years 1930 to 1950.

Stained glass window of Marius Plamondon - Oratory St. Joseph mararie,
Marius Plamondon, 1958
The basilica of the Oratory St-Joseph
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
maquette Marius Plamondon MNBAQ -

Marius Plamondon, 1958
Maquette pour les vitraux, Oratoire Saint-Joseph, Montréal
Gouache et mine de plomb sur papier, 48.5 x 30.4 cm
Collection: Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, CE.2000.45
Don de Muriel H. Plamondon

Here are a few sites located in Quebec where one can find stained glass windows made by Marius Plamondon:

Artworks of Marius Plamondon are protected by copyright. The photographs are shown with the kind permission of his family.

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Other stained glass producers in the early twentieth century helped to build the inventory of stained glass in Quebec. The company Castle & Sons in Montreal has produced stained glass from the end of 1800s. The company Hobbs from Ontario has produced several windows sold by catalog for homes as well as for churches. Another company, Daprato Rigali Studios from Chicago was founded in Italy in 1860. It was a leading supplier of religious statues, decoration and churches furniture. It is still in operation today.

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