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Guido Nincheri


Montreal_StLeon8_tango7174 photo:
Jesus among the Doctors
Guido Nincheri, 1940
The church St-Leon-of-Westmount
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Born in Prato, Tuscany, Italy, he studied Fine Arts in Florence. He immigrated in Canada in 1915. He started in stained glass arts under the wing of Henri Perdriau. In 1924 he started his own workshop in decorative arts in Montreal in a building loaned by Oscar and Marius Dufresne brothers. In return, Nincheri decorated the house known today as the Château Dufresne. It will be among his few secular works because the artist was devoted entirely to decorate churches. In addition to mastering stained glass windows arts, Nincheri was a talented painter of frescoes and he had a background in architecture. These multiple talents earned him to be called the "Michelangelo of Canada" in medias. Pope Pius XI had even declared in 1933 that he was the greatest religious artist of the Church ! He has decorated more than 200 places of worship in North America where there are more than 5000 of its windows. He gave the financial management of the studio to Gabriel, his eldest son in 1948 and he assured the artistic direction until 1966, when the studio closed its doors. He won severals awards and a park bears his name in Montreal. He was buried in Notre-Dame-des-Neiges cemetery at the foot of a modest gravestone.

Nincheri's stained glass works are of exceptional beauty. He shows a complete mastery of the behavior of light and shadow in the glass, giving a vast and deep aspect in its depictions. His color palette is always chosen with accuracy and generosity.

Below are some places in Quebec where one can see stained glass windows made by Guido Nincheri. The church St-Leon of Westmount in Montreal is the work of his life.

Artworks of Guido Nincheri are protected by copyright. The photographs are shown with the kind permission of his family. Pictures below are courtesy of Boccini Nincheri Studio.

scene 1 from East Transept, Church Notre-Dame, Granby Studio Boccini-Nincheri
scene 2 from East Transept, Church Notre-Dame, Granby Studio Boccini-Nincheri
scene 3 from East Transept, Church Notre-Dame, Granby Studio Boccini-Nincheri
details from East transept window
Guido Nincheri, 1935
The church Notre-Dame
Granby, Quebec, Canada


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