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Some suggested uses for stained glass

Using stained glass as a dressing for windows is an attractive alternative to curtains and blinds. A judicious choice of the glass type in the creation of the stained glass project can keep intimacy and respects standards of lighting and security of windows. The glass can be clear or more or less rough or opalescent.

Offering a stained glass to celebrate a birthday, a milestone of life or a jubilee, to commemorate an important event or to honor a personality is a gift worthy of a lasting memory.

In the house, using stained glass in bathroom windows certainly is a right and elegant choice. Mounting stained glass in shutters keeps the ventilation function of a window.

An impressive set of stained glass windows in a public area is welcoming. The people who frequent the establishment enjoy the ambiance and want to stay for a long time. The place appears greatly enhanced by a solemn character and heritage protection. Respect of the premises is facilitated. Stained glass is ideal where a public is waiting for example in a train station, an airport, a bus station or a hospital. It is perfectly suited as well for institutions where public spends some time such as in hotels and restaurants, in a public market or a library.

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Our winters are long, so the days are short and colors, almost absent, go from gray to white from November to April. In those moments where artificial lighting is on up to eight hours per day, it is really nice to be enveloped in an atmosphere of color and light offered by a Tiffany style lamp. Timeless Tiffany lamp fits well within your decor and will give you both services and comfort.

The lantern is an economical choice compared to the Tiffany lamp to offer a beautiful lighting made of stained glass. It usually has fewer glass pieces than the lamp while having a glass surface which completely covers the light source. The lantern is less suitable for lighting service, e.g. for reading, but it is perfect for mood lighting and its compact shape allows to place it almost anywhere you want.

Add some colors and light in your life,
at Rodrigue Couleurs et Lumière Studio, you'll find custom and exceptional stained glass !
Thanks to a good design, stained glass windows fit perfectly in the decor of all buildings.
By carefully selecting the glass textures, one can get a nice deepen effect.
The stained glass is durable. It will not discolor and is not subject to deformation due to prolonged exposure to sunlight or moisture.
Transom stained glass windows are rather welcoming,
a corridor goes well beyond its utility function.
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